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VanFan Music & String Catalog VanFan Music & String Catalog VanFan Music & String Catalog VanFan Music & String Catalog


A CELLO RONDO- Fanning, Grade 3
#V0617 Complete String Orchestra Set $50.00
Your cello section as well as your entire intermediate orchestra will love A Cello Rondo. As indicated by the name, this selection features the celli, however the other sections of the orchestra have important roles to play. Embedded in this composition are various playful interchanges between sections and overlapping melodies. Beginning in the key of D, it travels through the key of F, ending in the key of G. Treatment of the rhythm leads to a climatic and thrilling acceleration culminating the piece.

ALPHA AND OMEGA - Mutanbira / Fanning, Grade 1
V0620 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Alpha and Omega is a simple, straightforward arrangement of a beautiful South African hymn. It is masterfully arranged for beginning orchestra, maintaining all of the rich chordal sonorities and tonalities associated with South African music. Performers and audiences alike will appreciate the reverent atmosphere that this selection creates.

AMEN CHORUS- Handel/Fanning, Grade 4
#V0615 Complete String Orchestra Set $50.00
This arrangement of George Frideric Handel’s Amen is skillfully arranged for string orchestra. The fugue-like nature of the piece is the perfect setting for a chamber ensemble or orchestra. Each part is masterfully structured for the string musician with optimal use of bowings and phrasing. This classic is sure to be a classic for your ensemble.

A NOBLE PROCESSION – Fanning, Grade 1
#V0618 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
A grand procession of royalty can clearly be envisioned during the performance of A Noble Procession. Written in the key of e minor, the dark sonority sets a fitting backdrop to the regal, pompous melody. Each section plays a melody or countermelody with a steadfast bass accompaniment. The procession culminates with broad, stately resonances, depicting arrival of a final destination.

BALLADE- Burgmuller/Fanning Grade 3
#V0610 Complete String Orchestra Set $40.00
Ballade is certain to appeal to all. Originally written for piano, this arrangement features the bass clef instruments playing a sprightly yet mysterious melody in the beginning accompanied by the upper instruments. The piece contrasts in the mid section where the first violins play a gentle, charming melody. It recaps with the cello/bass melody returning with a driving force to the end.

CAROL OF THE BELLS- arr. Fanning, Grade 2
#V0601 Complete String Orchestra Set $40.00
Carol of the Bells is a familiar holiday piece masterfully arranged for orchestras of beginning to intermediate levels. Skills of balance, independence, and ensemble playing will be enhanced as the melody is tossed through each section. The thrilling ending provides a sense of joyous accomplishment. This will be a favorite holiday selection for years to come.

CHOPSTIX- arr. Fanning, Grade 1
#V0603 Complete String Orchestra Set $40.00
Now your beginning orchestra can play their own version of Chopsticks! Originally written as a piano waltz, this energetic pizzicato arrangement encourages players to focus on intonation and rhythms. Sure to be a group and audience favorite.

#V0604 Complete String Orchestra Set $40.00
Now beginning string players can engage in playing a hoedown that sounds more difficult than it actually is. Fiddle-Monic Hoedown is a fresh and intriguing piece. It includes a standard hoedown introduction and continues with a “catchy” melody. Everyone takes part in the action. The piece concludes with an unexpected yet familiar ending.

GOLIATH– Fanning, Grade 1
#V0623 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Goliath is sure to be a giant of a hit for your beginning orchestra. With down bow strokes and trudging repeated bass line, the immediate sense of the piece is heavy. However written in the beginner friendly key of D, with a straightforward chordal structure, Goliath has a very lighthearted melody. Midway of the piece, the cello and bass section play a modest melody accompanied by the remainder instruments. The piece with the return concludes of the original melody, ending with a giant unison finale.

#V0622 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Slack key compositions are widely recognized as one of the most genuine expressions of Hawaiian spirit. They exhibit characteristics from indigenous Hawaiian and imported musical traditions. Hawaiian Slack Key Lullaby features rhythmic and harmonic structures symbolic of Hawaiian music. Written in the traditional key of G, the simplistic melodies and accompaniment present a fresh take on this charming genre of music. Aloha.

JACKSTONES- Fanning, Grade 3
#V0605 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
This playful original is a lively concert opener! It features a clever theme, repeating transitions, and counter melodies in the upper and lower voices. Scalar motion and 8-bar phrases are its heartbeat within the keys of C and F Major. Your group will really enjoy bringing this one to life!

JUBILEE- Fanning Grade 1
V0619Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
‘This is the year of Jubilee, God’s gonna set his people free.’ Jubilee’s uplifting melody will rejuvenate the performer as well as the listener. Composed in the fashion of a Negro Spiritual, it contains a call and response section featuring solo and/or tutti viola and cello. The melodies are relatively simple, yet varying rhythmical patterns add abundant interest. Written in the key of D, this selection is skill appropriate for beginning students.

MANGER (Away In A Manger Medley) – arr. Fanning, Grade 3
#V0611 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Away In A Manger is frequently the first Christmas carol that children are taught. This elegant rendition combines three different settings that the lyrics have been sang to. Each section of the orchestra will participate in playing the melody at various times throughout the piece. This piece will complete any holiday program.

#V0606 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
March of the Conquerors is a solemn piece which should be played with much heartfelt intensity. Performance of the selection should provide a sense of being on a collective mission of vital importance with an assurance of victory.

O COME, O COME EMMANUEL - arr. Fanning, Grade 4
#V0608 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
O Come, O Come is an often overlooked yet alluring holiday selection. This intriguing arrangement begins with the melody accompanied by a still, small drone, which increases in intensity as it progresses. The end however provides a sense of calmness and resolution. Each part has a time to deliver the melody. This arrangement provides excellent practice in loure’ bowing and in modulation.

OLYMPIADA - Fanning Grade 2
#V0624 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
In reflection of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Olympiada evokes thoughts and memories reminiscent of this historically grand event. Written in majestic fashion, it begins with a stately fanfare. The orchestra then lays the foundation for the Olympic style theme which is played by the violas. The cello and bass relay a variant motif followed by the return of the original theme. Written in the key of G, Olympiada is certain to be a time treasured piece.

PRAISE WALTZ - Fanning, Grade 1
#V0602 Complete String Orchestra Set $35.00
Praise Waltz is a simple yet attractive tune whose ‘song’ like quality makes it easy for beginning orchestras to play and to enjoy. Each section plays the song accompanied by pizzicato bass.

RESURRECTION MEDLEY- arr. Fanning, Grade 4
#V0612 Complete String Orchestra Set $50.00
Resurrection Medley is a compilation of selections written in reflection and celebration of the Resurrection. It begins with two solemn Negro Spirituals (Were You There, They Crucified My Savior). The spirit then changes from somber to joyous as a shout of triumph is played with two celebratory hymns (Christ Arose, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today)

ROCK, ROCK MERRILY ON HIGH - arr. Fanning, Grade 2
#V0621 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Performers and audiences alike will love this ‘rocking’ arrangement of Ding, Dong Merrily On High. In this delightful piece, each section delivers the melody or counter melody accompanied by the ‘rocking’ bass part. Masterfully written, Rock, Rock modulates from the key of G to D enabling the melody to be played in an opportune range on each instrument. Another familiar holiday melody serves as the ‘rocking’ transition between keys. Rock on!

SPINNING SONG - Ellmenreich/Fanning, Grade 4
#V0609 Complete String Orchestra Set $50.00
Artistic elements and occasional surprises breathe life into this fresh arrangement of Ellemenreich’s piano work. Inspired by the movement of a spinning wheel, this piece engages players with string crossings, interpretive dynamics, and its memorable theme. A “must” for your library!

SPONTANEITY- Fanning, Grade 3+
#V0613 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Spontaneity is an energetic piece with a driving force from the beginning to the end. Ostinato played by the bass provides much support for the compelling themes tossed amongst each section throughout. A mid section unison passage, while adding tension, provides easy access from g minor to a minor. This high-spirited piece is sure to be an orchestra favorite.

V0616 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
No longer will student musicians view French Folk Song in the same manner. Implementing diverse styles, Variations on a French Folk Song takes an exploratory approach on the traditional, well known piece. This arrangement offers every instrument the melody, setting a different tonality for each presentation. The key stays the same throughout, however modal changes add interest.

VICTORS’ TANGO- Fanning, Grade 3
#V0607 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Victors’ Tango combines the flavor of a tango with the sensation of victory. An intriguing melody is introduced by the violins. Midway of the piece, all of the instruments share in a joyous celebration. The melody recaps, interchanged between the 1st violins and celli. This selection provides ample opportunity for students to demonstrate the use of hooked bowings.

VIOLAS’ DREAM - Fanning, Grade 3
#V0614 Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Finally, intermediate level viola players get to play a piece specifically written for them. In Violas’ Dream, the violas play the simple, yet intriguing melodies throughout with minimal assistance from the cellos and first violins at the end. The accompaniment is steady and supportive. A sense of satisfaction and contentment is sure to be experienced by all.

RISE, SHINE -  arr. by Fanning, Grade 3
#V0625  Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Wake up, morning has risen! This energetic piece, with its’ brisk introduction full of chimes and accents, is sure to get everyone up and running. In the key of  G, the viola and cello section introduces the melody soon followed by the violins. Transitioning to the key of A, the violas and celli once again present the melody at section B, only this time in an augmented fashion. The violins offer a softer presentation of the theme in the key of D at section C. Rise, Shine is full of musical surprises culminating with a bright and exuberant conclusion.

FROLIC - Fanning, Grade 1
#V0626  Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Frolic is a lighthearted piece that is sure to delight. Written in the key of D, an amusing melody is introduced by the violins. At section B, the violas and cellos present their own charming melody. Sections play independently as the parts are staggered in a fugue-like fashion in section C. Finally the original melody returns with a merry ending. Have fun playing Frolic!

LED BY LIGHT - Fanning, Grade 3
#V0627  Complete String Orchestra Set $45.00
Led By Light is a somber piece that expresses being divinely led through obscure surroundings. It is set against a backdrop of dark sonorities, written in the key of d minor. As the music progresses, more and more light is unveiled and brightness and clarity increases. The piece concludes with the sound of joy, comfort, and illumination.

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